The concept of the Pathways to Remembering Memorial came out of the growing need for people who have lost someone to opioid poisoning to have somewhere to go to grieve and honour their loved one.

The Pathways to Remembering Memorial is designed to demonstrate public support, acknowledgement, and compassion for our community members whose lives are impacted by accidental drug poisoning. It is designed to counter the stigma that has historically been associated with these occurrences and to create a public space in recognition of the fact that the lives lost to drug poisoning are valued and remembered.

The Pathways to Remembering Memorial will be:

  • A place for families and individuals to come to honour the memory of those they love.
  • An opportunity to educate community members about the need to change Canadian drug policies so that people experiencing addiction do not have to use toxic, unregulated drugs.
  • A statement to show that in the City of Guelph community members are actively working to reduce the harmful stigma that surrounds substance use and advocating for health-focused drug policies.
  • A beautiful structure which will provide aesthetic pleasure.

Memorial Design

At this time, HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health & the WGDS have procured a potential design for the memorial and have been in talks with the City of Guelph about potential locations for the memorial.  They are also fundraising to be able to make this memorial a reality.

You can donate here.

Memorial Design
Pathways to Remembering