Welcome to the Pathways to Remembering Memorial donation page

The Pathways to Remembering Memorial is being built to show respect and compassion for community members whose lives have been lost to drug poisoning.

For individuals and families, the Pathways to Remembering Memorial provides a space for people to grieve and honour their loved one.

For our community, this memorial confronts the stigma that has historically been associated with drug poisoning. It brings awareness to the systemic harms and risks that current health and justice policies place on individual people who use substances.


Once built, the Pathways to Remembering Memorial will be:

  • A place for families and individuals to come to honour the memory of someone they love. The memorial offers a counter narrative to the stigma that accompanies life lost to substances. It values these individuals and honours their contributions to our community.
  • A beautiful structure which will give pleasure to all who spend time there.
  • A statement to show that community members in the City of Guelph are actively working to reduce the harmful stigma that surrounds substance use and advocating for health-focused drug policies.
  • An opportunity for public education about the need to change Canadian drug policies so that people experiencing addiction receive the healthcare they need, have access to pharma-grade drugs and do not have to use toxic, unregulated drugs. In 2022, the Public Health Agency of Canada reports that 21 people across Canada loose their lives every day because of the unregulated drug supply. Most of these deaths could be prevented by providing appropriate healthcare support to individuals who struggle with addiction.


Donation Process

The WGDS and its partner organizations are raising $50,000 to build this memorial. Please add your support to this project by donating using the form below. You will automatically receive a tax receipt by donating through this form.

Memorial Design

  • The design for the Pathways to Remembering Memorial was created in consultation with members of the WGDS Harm Reduction Committee and ARCH HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health staff members.
  • Qualities of the design, such as its peace, stability, and stillness and its location in a natural environment, are intended to support those who are experiencing loss and grief. Simultaneously they create a dignified space to honour the people whose lives have been prematurely taken by drug poisoning.
  • The design offers everyone a beautiful place to sit and reflect.
  • In an agreement with the City of Guelph Parks Department, upon the successful completion of the fundraising campaign for the Pathways to Remembering Memorial, it will be built and maintained by the City Parks Department. THANK YOU CITY OF GUELPH PARKS DEPARTMENT for your support!
Memorial Design
Pathways to Remembering