Last Call: Alcohol Harms

Last Call is an alcohol-harms awareness campaign featuring video interviews with diverse community members including people with lived-experience of alcoholism, police officers, physicians, a student, healthcare professionals and political leaders. Each person tells a story of how alcohol impacts their lives.  Last Call aims to start a conversation about all the ways that alcohol causes harm to our families and communities. The campaign highlights local resources and services available to individuals and families related to alcohol-use.

Last Call explores some of the impacts of alcohol in our community. Alcohol is linked to over 200 diseases, including cancer; it causes hundreds of hospitalizations in our community each year, resulting in a burden to the healthcare system; it is linked with crime, family and intimate partner violence, trauma, and vandalism; and it is a factor in 25% of fatal motor vehicle collisions. Alcohol causes many consequences for individuals, families and communities that are not often talked about. Last Call hopes to highlight these realities.

About Alcohol Webinar