Who We Are

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The Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy is a coalition of partner agencies and members of the lived experience community, who are working to implement a 4-Pillar drug strategy in the municipalities of Wellington County and the City of Guelph. The 4-Pillars include:

  • Prevention
  • Harm Reduction
  • Treatment and Recovery
  • Community Safety

Our cross-sectoral partnerships acknowledge the integral role that each pillar plays, and in many instances, weave the pillars together in our strategies and responses. In doing so, we have made many successful strides towards our goal of reducing the impacts of substance misuse in our communities.


We take action to prevent and respond to local substance use and addiction issues.


We envision communities in Guelph-Wellington free from harm related to substance use.


  • We value and draw on the strengths of our community partners
  • We value diversity, knowledge and the focused action that results from collaborative partnerships
  • We value the voices of individuals with lived experience
  • We value innovative interventions that put the client’s needs first
  • We value conversations that are honest, inclusive and productive
  • We value taking action based on what we know from:
    • people with lived experience
    • service providers
    • work in other communities
    • best-practices
    • applied and academic research
    • evaluation processes

Structural Overview

The WGDS is made up of a variety of different Project Groups and Committees who are working diligently to reduce the impacts and harms of substance use in our community. Many of our partner organizations directly participate in our projects, offering oversight, input, resources and significant work in order to plan and implement the strategies.


Our Funders

We are extremely grateful to our funders for their continual support since 2008.
Without it, we would not be able to address local substance use issues.

City of Guelph
Wellington County