Research & Reports

WGDS Reports

Wellington County Substand Abuse – Exploring Youth’s Unique Needs and Service Gaps

Getting to Withdrawal Management Services in Guelph-Wellington 2012

Oxy to Oxy Summary Report II, October 2012

Oxy To Oxy Summary Report, March 14, 2012

Transitional Housing Proposal 2010

Outreach Services Report, 2009

Wellington Guelph Prevention Inventory 2009

Research Posters

Researching Youth Drug Use & Harm Reduction Services – A Winning CES Partnership

Policy Recommendations

Global Commission Report English, June 2011

San Mateo County’s Prevention Framework for Substance Prevention and Mental Health

The Research Shop, & the University of Guelph

In 2011, a partnership was developed with the University of Guelph’s Research Shop, whereby dedicated research support is provided to the WGDS by a team of research interns.   We are sincerely thankful for their efforts, which provide a layer of evidence to support our implementation efforts.  The following reports have been provided thus far:

Youth and Harm Reduction Expansion, Lamarre

Youth Harm Reduction Programming, Lamarre

Housing First Program Overview

Withdrawal Management Services and the Effect of Distance, Lamarre

Youth Prevention Peer-Led Models

Additionally, in the fall of 2011, students in the Criminology department completed a series of research papers that were geared to the implemenation directions of the WGDS.  These research efforts will continue to provide foundational, evidence-informed guidance to our efforts.   The following papers have been used as we explore our community’s interest and capacity to support a local program.

A Review of Available Drug Treatment Court Research, Worden

Drug Treatment Courts, Andreevski

Drug Treatment Court Best Practices, Smith