Our Strategy

In 2011, a revised WGDS Strategy Report was released which presented 31 actionable goals, ranging from expanding outreach services to reducing prescription drug misuse, to guide WGDS partner organizations in their work to improve services for residents of Guelph-Wellington who struggle with substance-related issues.

From 2011-2016, WGDS partner organizations took action on all 31 of the potential opportunities identified in the 2011 Revised WGDS Report. This is a testimony to the value of the initial planning process and to the focused work of WGDS Working Groups. The WGDS was directly responsible for some of the positive outcomes achieved, as in the leadership role that the WGDS took in creating a local Drug Treatment Court. Other activities were led by partner organizations, but the seed of the new programming or new educational initiative lay in the collective work that that had been undertaken with all the community stakeholders.

With the creation of this current WGDS Strategic Plan document, the WGDS is now positioned to continue to both lead and support community organizations in moving Guelph-Wellington towards the WGDS vision of a community free form harms related to substance use, and its mission of taking action to prevent and respond to local substance use and addiction issues.