Responding to Opiate Misuse

Like many other communities across Ontario, and in Canada, opiate misuse is of concern in Guelph Wellington.  In response, the WGDS has worked on several initiatives aimed at addressing the problem in a comprehensive way.  

In January 2010, we completed a mail out to 265 physicians in Guelph and Wellington County, which included a breadth of information regarding local addiction resources, as well as literature speaking to effective prescribing guidelines.

In September 2010, a physician’s dinner was held in partnership with Perdu Pharma to continue the dialogue regarding opiate misuse.  The keynote speaker, Dr. Roman Jovey, shared his insights on prescribing to vulnerable populations.  The event, which was well-attended by health professionals, also included networking opportunities and knoweldge exchange between physicians and addiction service providers.

In April 2011, in partnership with the Addiction and Mental Health Network, with funding provided by the Waterloo Wellington LHIN, the WGDSC provided primary care providers and allied health professionals with a virtual keynote address provided by Dr. Nick Kates.  In his presentation, Dr. Kates speaks about the paramount role that primary care providers play in responding to the needs of individuals with mental health and addiction issues.  Dr. Kates’ presentation can be found here.

In late April 2011, the WGDSC, in partnership with Region of Waterloo Public Health, hosted the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s interactive training workshop, “Canadian Guidelines for Safe and Effective Use of Opiods,” which was attended by close to 100 physicians and pharmacists from Waterloo-Wellington.

WGDS is currently working closely with the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council to implement a community based naloxone distribution program that has been shown to be a highly effective approach to reducing overdose deaths.