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A Four Pillar Solution to Substance Misuse showcases projects that the Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy has undertaken to reduce individual and community risks associated with substance use. It outlines how a four pillar strategy is an effective process to address the harm that results from substance misuse.


In partnership with the Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy, the County of Wellington’s Communications Division created a video to address concerns about the misuse of the prescription drug Fentanyl. ‎Fentanyl Misuse: The Patch-for-Patch Solution describes a partnership process to monitor the distribution of Fentanyl patches. This partnership reduces opportunities for this potentially lethal drug to be accessed on the streets. The video, called Fentanyl Misuse: The Patch-for-Patch Solution, encourages pharmacists to implement the successful Patch-for-Patch Programme.

The officers featured in this video are filmed anonymously to protect undercover operations. The courageous 18 year old girl who shared her story also preferred to remain anonymous.

On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Nipissing MPP, Vic Fedeli, introduced a Private Members’ Bill at Queen’s Park, which would make the Patch for Patch Replacement Programme Provincial Law. Please watch and share this video link. Fentanyl misuse is an issue in urban and rural communities across Ontario. The Patch for Patch Replacement Programme saves lives.