Treatment and Recovery Services

Methadone Clinics

Host Organizations:

Service: Provides methadone and suboxone.

Locations and Contact Information:

  • OATC – 146 Wyndham St. North – 519-822-6100
  • ACT- 84 Carden St- 519-837-0228
  • Pharmasave – 45 Wyndham St. N – 519-763-0695
  • Silverlinings Medical Centre – 472 Woodlawn Rd. E (519-821-9449) or 47 Willow Road (519-829-2929)


Residential Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST)

Host Organization: Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Service: Provides methadone and suboxone, support, crisis intervention, education, and community referrals.

Contact: 519-837-1470

Community Withdrawal Support Services (CWSS)

Host Organization: Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Service: Assessment regarding withdrawal needs, counselling support through the withdrawal process (both acute and non-acute), and coaching/support for clients’ caregivers.

Location: Mobile service provided in client’s home

Contact: 1-844-722-2977


Non-Medical Residential Withdrawal Management

Host Organization: Grand River Regional Withdrawal Management Centre (WMC)

Service: Provides non-medical management of withdrawal symptoms for men and women in a residential setting, 24 hour monitoring and care for people who need a structured setting to abstain, and day programs to support individuals maintaining abstinence and to support the transition to other supports.

Location: 52 Glasgow Street, Kitchener

Contact: 519-749-4318

Rapid Action Addiction Clinic (RAAC)

Host Organization: Sanguen Health Centre

Service: Addiction medicine services for all ages regarding all substances. Trained team includes addiction medicine physician, addiction counsellors, and lived experience peers to help with addressing substance dependence, reducing cravings, managing withdrawal, and discussing substance use in non-judgemental place.

Location: 176 Wyndham St. North (lower level)

Contact: 1-844-722-2977


  • Mondays, 9am-3pm walk-in service (clinic open & counsellors available until 4:30)

Additional RAACs:

  • Mondays 9am-3pm walk-in service in Elora (143 Metcalf St Elora)
  • Mondays & Fridays 9am-3pm Cambridge (clinic open & counsellors available until 4:30) (13 Water st N Cambridge)

Bridges to Health 2-week Day Treatment Program

Host Organization: House of Friendship

Service: Intensive 2-week day-treatment program. Separate men’s and women’s group service is available.

Location: Time and location changes

Contact: 519-742-8327 ext. 225


Let’s Grow Together

Host Organization: Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Service: Half-day support group for pregnant or parenting women in the Guelph-Wellington community who are dealing with substance use issues.

Location: 60 Westwood Rd., Guelph

Contact: 519-837-1470


Community Addiction Services (CADS)

Host Organization: Homewood Health Centre

Service: Provides assessment, outpatient treatment, counselling (individual, group, or family) and referrals to community resources for community members struggling with addiction (e.g. alcohol, drugs gambling, etc.).

Location: 155 Delhi St., Guelph

Contact: 519-836-5733


Community-based Treatment for Youth

Host Organization: Ray of Hope

Service: Provides support to address substance use problems in youth >12 years old.

Contact: 519-743-2311


Residential Treatment for Youth

Host Organization: Portage Elora – Drug Addiction Rehabilitation for Youth Centre Ontario

Service: Provides services for youth of ages 14-18. Residents work through underlying issues that caused their substance use.

Location: 6681 Irvine St., Elora

Contact: 519-846-0945


Long-Term Residential Treatment for Adults

Host Organization: Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Service: Provides long-term residential treatment programs (5-6 months) for people (men and women) whose lives have been affected by chronic or acute substance use.

Location: 60 Westwood Road, Guelph

Contact: (519) 837-1470 or (519) 837-1470 x 230


Short-Term Residential Treatment for Adults

Host Organization: Homewood Health Centre

Service: Provides short-term residential treatment services for males and females, with 28 days being the average inpatient stay.

Contact: 519-824-1010


Al-Anon Family Groups

Service: Community resource that provides fellowship and support to spouses, adult children, partners, relatives, co-workers and friends of alcoholics who meet anonymously to share their experience, strength and hope in order to solve problems.



Narcotics Anonymous

Service: The primary service provided by Narcotics Anonymous is the NA group meeting


Guelph & Golden Triangle Area


Treatment for Hepatitis C

Host Organization: Sanguen Health Centre

Location: 176 Wyndham Street North, Guelph

Contact: 1-877-351-9857

*Drop-in hours: Tuesday from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm



Host Organization: Family Counselling and Support Services

Service: Counselling services including trauma, relationship, anger management, and debt management

Location: 109 Surrey St East

Contact: 519 824-2431

Walk-in services: Wednesdays from 1-7pm