Overdose Awareness Day & Support Not Stigma


Step 1: Get Informed

  • Get more information about overdose prevention & how you can show support instead of stigma by clicking here

Step 2: Buy a T-shirt

Step 3: Wear the T-Shirt

  • Wear the t-shirt on August 31st to show that you are standing for Support not Stigma.
  • Take a picture of yourself in the t-shirt and post it on social media with the statement: I choose support not stigma because ____________
  • Use the hashtags #supportNOTstigma #OADGuelph #SafeSupplyNow
  • Invite friends to do the same
  • Start conversations with people who are curious about your t-shirt about how support is important in helping people who experience issues with substance use to get the help they need.  Stigma shames people and makes them less likely to reach out for help.

Reasons to Gear Up with your Support NOT Stigma T-Shirt!

1. We all deserve support

2. Stigma increases isolation, judgement and risk.

3. Support is something we all can do

4. Support shows empathy, compassion, value and saves lives.

5 Ways to Offer Support!

1. Educate yourself and others about substance use, risks and resources.

2. Listen to learn from people who experience substance use challenges

3. Avoid judgement and ‘othering’ people who are not like you.

4. Advocate for safe and accessible services for people who use substances.

5. Learn the value of harm reduction services and supports.

Buying the t-shirt is a step in the right direction. But what next?

Being able to ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’ are all part of truly seeing the value in support not stigma and life for everyone.

Step 4: Act

  • If you cannot be there, participate by wearing your t-shirt and letting the world know you stand for Support not Stigma
  • Call your local MP and MPP to demand safe drug supply to help prevent opioid poisoning, ask for increased funding for Harm Reduction and Addiction Services, encourage our community leaders to take a stand on addressing the Opioid Crisis by sharing more information about the deaths that are occurring due to a poisoned drug supply and the action that can be taken to address this.
    • MPP Mike Schreiner  (Guelph)  (519) 836-4190
    • MP Lloyd Longfield (Guelph) (519) 837-8276